37 Top 18 Món ăn đặc trưng ẩm thực miền Bắc 2022 mới nhất

Bun cha

Next to pho, bun cha is also a delicious dish on the list of remembering if you go far away from Hanoi, and if you come to the capital, you must definitely taste it.
Bun cha is a dish with vermicelli, grilled pork rolls on charcoal and a bowl of sweet and sour fish sauce. The dish, originating from the North of Vietnam, is the most enduring gift of Hanoi, so it can be considered as one of the typical specialties of Hanoi cuisine. Bun Cha is similar to grilled pork vermicelli in the Central and Southern regions, but the mixed fish sauce has a lighter taste.

Ha Giang brood porridge

Coming to Ha Giang no matter what season of the year, it is hard to miss a bowl of au Tau porridge with a characteristic bitter taste. Ha Giang au tau porridge has a greasy, aromatic, spicy taste and is typical of au Tau tubers. When you first eat, you will feel a bitter taste, difficult to swallow, but only a few spoonfuls will be sweet in the mouth, eating a lot can also create addiction. The bowl of au tau porridge is like a comforting porridge of the ethnic people. If you have the opportunity to come to Ha Giang, next to Thang Co, corn wine, buckwheat, etc., remember to visit the market to eat a bowl of au Tau porridge, a “specialty” porridge of the foggy country, strangely delicious.


Banh te (leaf cake, harrow gear) is a traditional cake in the Northern Delta. The cake is made from plain rice flour, wrapped in dong leaves and boiled (steamed). The filling includes pork shoulder, wood ear (or bean paste for people who can’t eat pork buns). Cakes made from eight fragrant rice will be fragrant, soft, and firmer. Each locality has its own way of making banh tet, but each has its own flavor that is only available in the North.
Some famous cakes such as: Banh Tieu in Cho village (Yen Phong, Bac Ninh); Banh mi in Phu Nhi village (Phu Thinh ward, Son Tay, Hanoi); Banh te in Phung Cong, Van Giang, Hung Yen communes (also known as harrow gears); leaf cake in Khoai Chau, Hung Yen; In My Duc, Hanoi also has Banh Te but less famous.

Village cereal loops

“Com Vong, Me Tri eight rice”
What’s better than Bang basil and Lang basil?”
When it comes to Com Vong, it is a flat, young green nuggets made from sticky yellow flowers that have just passed the milking period. The profession of making nuggets is also very elaborate, the old rice grains are no longer green, hard and broken. The rice is too young, the nuggets stick to the husk, and lose their taste. Usually the rice harvested that day is roasted and pounded that day, roasting the rice so that the fire is just right, the grain of the nuggets is ripe, not crispy, but peeling off the husk. Crush the nuggets with a separate mortar, the beat of the pestle is light and even, so that the nuggets are smooth and flexible.
Com is wrapped in old lotus leaves cherishing pure lotus flavor or young green potato leaves and tied with golden straw. Eat nuggets, pick up small handfuls contained in lotus leaves, chew the nuggets slowly to feel the fragrant sweetness of young glutinous rice and the sweet scent of lotus.

Cay cake in Nguyen Village – Thai Binh

Cay cake is a specialty of Nguyen village, Nguyen Xa commune, Dong Hung district, Thai Binh. Banh Cay has many colors from delicious glutinous rice, roasted into scalds, then pounded into powder, and rounded into fruit. The fruit is soaked in gac fruit into a red female, soaked in gardenia into a golden female, and then fried in crispy fat with malt, coconut jam, and roasted peanuts. The malt pot is kneaded for the above ingredients with pure white popcorn and simmered until the required viscosity, the cake is soft, packed tightly in rectangular wooden molds lined with sesame, peanuts, coconut jam. . When the cake is cooled, remove the mold and cut it into small bars, canned.
Banh Cay is an indispensable item on the springtime altar of Thai Binh people.

Spring rolls Giao Thuy – Nam Dinh

Referring to the Northern cuisine, it is indispensable to have the spring rolls in Giao Thuy – the kind of spring rolls that make people fall in love with “forgetting my instructions”.
Giao Thuy spring rolls are sophisticated in processing, made with pork but it must be delicious lean meat, and the main aroma of spring rolls is hearing. Thinh is made from Hai Hau eight fragrant rice by soaking overnight, draining, then roasting until the rice is golden yellow, then pounding finely. This spring roll serves as a bait for both eating and drinking without getting bored.


Banh gio (banh troi) is a traditional Vietnamese cake. The cake is made with the main ingredient of sticky rice soaked in ash water and wrapped in leaves and boiled in a pot.
The cake has a flat, cool taste, with a slight smell of lime ash, a bit strange to eat, which will be an anti-fatigue and easy-to-digest food for Tet.

Ninh Binh goat meat

Ninh Binh not only attracts a large number of tourists because of its beautiful natural scenery, but also captivates food-loving souls with a diverse menu of famous mountain goat dishes.
Ninh Binh goat meat is better than other regions because goats here are raised on rocky mountains and eat a variety of leaves, so goat meat is firmer than goats on hills. Ninh Binh has its own secret, turning goats into a famous specialty. Especially, the rare goat dish is very cleverly made, the meat is sweet and crispy, eaten with herbs such as clove leaves, apricot leaves, fig leaves…

Nghia Lo bamboo shoots – Yen Bai

Bamboo shoots are abundant in many localities, but not everywhere is delicious, perhaps Yen Bai is a land with soil and climate suitable for the growth and development of bamboo shoots. That’s why Yen Bai bamboo shoots have become a dish voted by many gourmets as the most delicious and attractive dish.
The best season of bamboo shoots is at the end of February and beginning of March of the solar calendar, the bamboo shoots are only as big as a sickle chain, white, soft and sweet, very easy to prepare, and can’t be bored.

Hai Phong fish vermicelli

Hai Phong fish noodle soup is a very popular dish because there are many kinds of fresh fish available here to make fish cakes. Hai Phong fish noodle soup is a combination of seafood and products from the field. The fish in the vermicelli bowl includes: fish cakes and sliced ​​fried fish. Cha fish creates the most special flavor for this noodle dish, and it is also an important ingredient to decide the deliciousness of the noodle bowl. Fish cake must be made with mackerel, fish meat is filtered out and pounded with cumin, pepper, and a little turmeric powder to taste… The broth must be simmered with pork bones with fresh sea fish bone broth and fresh and delicious. has a characteristic odor.
Eating vermicelli fish cannot forget the chopped water spinach, with lettuce, marjoram, basil, etc. Fish noodle soup does not bring a feeling of satiety to the eater, so fish noodle soup is sold in every street on New Year’s day. Hai Phong.

Thanh Tri roll cake

Referring to the delicious rice-based dishes that have existed for many generations of the people of Ha Thanh land, it would be a big omission if not to mention Thanh Tri rolls. That village seems to have gone deep into everyone’s subconscious because when it comes to this attractive cake, people subconsciously blurt out the name of this attractive dish.
Making banh cuon is also quite elaborate, the rice paper must choose delicious rice, grind it as fine as water, each cake leaf is coated on a stretch fabric mold taken over a pot of boiling water. Each leaf of the cake is as thin as a sheet of paper, with a little bit of onion grease to make it fragrant. Wherever the customers eat, the seller gently peels off each leaf like a cup of thin, smooth silk. Banh cuon is not only delicious and looks beautiful, to fully enjoy the delicious taste of the cake requires a dipping sauce. The sauce is cleverly mixed with delicious fish sauce, sticky vinegar, a few slices of fresh chili, drops of ca cuong and fried onions. Cake can be eaten with cinnamon rolls, meat rolls, hot steamed shrimp rolls in a pot of water. Each plate of Thanh Tri banh cuon with ten thin leaves is enough for an elegant and delicious breakfast.

Hanoi Pho – World famous dish

Pho is no longer a famous Vietnamese dish, but its taste has conquered food lovers all over the world. Pho Hanoi – a brand when people talk about the North.
Born in the early 20th century, the first place appeared in Hanoi. Pho is usually beef noodle soup or chicken noodle soup. The broth for the pho pot is simmered from beef bones (pork bones), sa worm, accompanied by many spices such as cinnamon, anise, grilled ginger, cardamom, cloves, coriander seeds, and roasted onions to create a special flavor. own display. “Banh pho” is traditionally made from rice flour, coated in thin sheets and then cut into fibers. To enjoy a good bowl of pho depends a lot on the experience and traditional secret of the processor, of which the most important is the pot of broth.

La Vong fish cake – Hanoi

La Vong grilled fish is the name of a Hanoi specialty. This is a marinated fish dish, grilled on charcoal and then fried in a greased pan, owned by the Doan family at 14 Cha Ca Street (formerly Hang Son Street) in the Old Quarter, keeping the secret of doing business and naming it. it’s as above.
La Vong fish cake is made from fresh Lang fish that is meticulously cared for, marinated with sophisticated spices and traditional flavors. Salmon is a type of fish with little bones, sweet and fragrant meat, if there is no fish, you can use catfish, fish, but catfish has more friable meat and fish has more bones, so it is not as delicious as salmon. .

Hai Duong green bean cake

Green bean cake is a specialty cake of Hai Duong that many people, including foreigners, fall in love with as soon as they taste it. The mung bean cake is not too fussy but it is simple and rustic but contains the passionate flavor of the Northern countryside.
To make the cake must use pure green bean flour, pure fragrance without industrial flavoring. Delicious cake made with wet dough, mixed with fat and sugar just right to create sweetness and must be greasy, fragrant with green beans. Green bean cake when enjoyed with tea will create a very Vietnamese flavor.

Quang Ninh squid cake

Ha Long squid cake is a famous culinary specialty found only in Ha Long beach – Quang Ninh. This is an attractive dish not only for domestic tourists but also for foreign tourists because of the tough, crispy and fragrant taste of squid. You have to taste Ha Long’s squid cake to truly feel the wonderful flavor of this dish. To have a delicious product, the raw material for making squid ink must be apricot squid, big and fresh. This source of raw materials is carefully selected by hand-picked squid manufacturers, then removed apricots, black beard, skin, intestines and gourds… and then thoroughly washed and dried. Squid is put piece by piece into the mortar and pounded by hand. There are pieces that are pounded a bit tangled, just enough to stick. After completing the pounding process, the squid is molded into pieces, then fried on medium heat and left to dry.

Dinh Bang wife cake – Bac Ninh

Banh phu thi is a traditional Vietnamese cake. Dinh Bang is the place associated with the development of the Ly dynasty and the first place to make this type of cake. Wrapped with simple sheets of dong leaves, then boiled, the cake does not show off the scent of donuts and banh khuc. It is only when the cake is peeled and placed on a porcelain plate that people are truly surprised. Under the layer of transparent yellow cake, the cake’s filling appears. In addition to the cooked green beans, which have been steamed and beaten, white sugar, copra, lotus seeds and five flavors are added.

Bun thang

Bun thang is a typical dish for Hanoi culinary art. It is said that Hanoi dishes are sophisticated and sophisticated, the same is true of bun thang. Anyone who has eaten this dish once, no matter where they go or do anything, they will always remember a homeland with ethnic vermicelli.
Making bun thang is a complicated process, from preparation to cooking. It is estimated that it takes 20 ingredients to make bun thang. Vietnamese laksa leaves, Chinese coriander, thin fried eggs, shredded chicken breast, and shredded pork sausages are evenly spread on a white vermicelli background. Vermicelli must be a type of microfiber vermicelli. Sprinkle with shrimp paste and sprinkle a few slices of sausage. The broth must be clear, hot, medium-sized, seasoned with vinegar, chili, garlic, pepper or add a little shrimp paste. A variation of bun thang is dry vermicelli: the broth is not filled with the bowl, but just coated with vermicelli to keep it hot. Still full of the flavors mentioned above, but not as sloppy as when eating vermicelli.

Do Ky – Thai Binh snake cake

Do Ky snake cake when it is still hot with pure fish sauce accompanied by a little spicy fresh chili mixed with the quintessential sweet taste of plain rice, the greasy taste of pork, the aroma of onions… will make those who have tasted it. consciousness will never be forgotten.
Hung Ha located in the northwest of “Thai Binh granary” has no shortage of rustic gifts made from rice, including Banh Mi Lang Me, Banh Chung on Le street, and especially Do Ky snake cake. Not famous throughout Ha Thanh, snake cake humbly stayed as a way to hold on to the children of the homeland, wherever they go, they will always remember it.